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None of us start down a road looking for pain; we look for joy, financial blessing, fun, happiness, good relationships… but not pain. But, the Lord knows what an effective tool pain is in our lives. Do you know that it’s your friend?

Pain Is Not the Enemy

Pain Is Not the Enemy

One of the blessings of decision-making on a sacred pace is that there’s a definite end in sight — an answer awaits you somewhere down the road. Plus, you receive the gifts that your Father in heaven wants to bless you with. Yet I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t also speak to

In Step With God

  A few years ago, Sports Illustrated ran a “Holiday Help List” supplement that featured various gifts that would be of interest for athletic types. The description for a golf watch read: Equipped with a hi-res color touch screen, a GPS receiver, and 38,000 preloaded courses, it provides distances to and from any possible target