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God Makes Good on His Promises: It’s not too late! If you don’t know Jesus yet, you can be redeemed, and wake rejoicing knowing you’ve been saved! If a friend or family members needs to read this today, be sure to share it!

God Makes Good on His Promises

God Makes Good on His Promises

I am here to-night to warn you that you have yet a chance and hope of escaping my fate. ~ The Ghost of Jacob Marley, to Scrooge As the fifth and final stave begins, Scrooge is in his bed, repeating his promise to begin anew. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is gone. Scrooge

Life Is Best Lived When You’re Awake

I never noticed that. — Scrooge, in the 1984 movie version, after the Ghost of Christmas Past points out that Belle “resembled your sister”. Scrooge’s life went astray sometime when he was a young man. We can, with reasonable certainty, say he didn’t wake up one morning and think, Hm. I’m content where I am.

Let It Snow! Our Top Reads for Christmas Break

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