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Are you living on the edge of yikes? Are you anywhere near the edge of yikes? If not, why not? We have only one life! Why not live it passionately, boldly, and bravely?

Living on the Edge of Yikes

Living on the Edge of Yikes

,   Comfortable people don’t need Jesus, desperate people do. When I turned sixty years old, I had three ambitions. I wanted to learn how to jump a dirt bike, hot-wire a car, and figure out how to pick a lock. I’ve made a little progress on each of these. I bought a KTM 500

Get Ready to Dream Big

  There is a path to discover and release your most beautiful and lasting ambitions into the world. ~ Bob Goff WELCOME Once upon a time, as kids or young adults, we had big dreams. Now life has become a maze of responsibilities, obligations, expectations, and assumptions about who we are and what we must

What Will You Do With Your One Extraordinary Life?

I have been teaching as an adjunct professor at Pepperdine Law School for more than a decade. It’s a place filled with bright, ambitious law students, many of whom have had a lot of life break in their direction. I also teach a class at San Quentin State Prison. My class there is filled with