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Books for Dads and Grandads 2021

Books for Dads and Grandads 2021

Need a gift for Dear ol’ Dad? We’ve gotcha covered! Fathers play a huge role in our lives… second only to our Father above. Show dads you love them this year with some of our inspirational books and devotionals perfect for fathers. Don’t forget — Father’s Day is June 20! Stock up on some gifts

6 New Devotionals Spring 2021

This season we’ve had a fresh bloom of devotionals spring up! Grow your faith, spend time in the Word, pack a new devo in your Memorial Day vacation bag. You’ll be glad you did. Enjoy!

Let’s pray today for those who need restoration in their lives, including ourselves. God will help! He’s done it in the past and He’ll do it again. He’s the Master Builder!

Pray for the Dad Who Rebuilds

  I have friends who like to restore cars. I have other friends who like to restore houses. Many times we like to restore things because they are broken or because fixing something usually costs less than buying it new. But I think many enjoy the challenge of a fixer-upper because we enjoy the process