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How to Host a Summer Reading Club for Kids

How to Host a Summer Reading Club for Kids

My dream has come true: my kids are enthusiastic readers. By choice, they read at least an hour every day and I’m trying to keep up with them because reading is my favorite pastime. When I have the time to invest in a great book, I devour the words and I love to see my

nancy rue so not okay video

Nancy Rue “So Not Okay” Author Chat Replay Video

Did you miss our live chat with Nancy Rue, author of So Not Okay? We sat down with Nancy to talk about bullying, Mean Girls, and how we can teach tween girls to stand up in defense of those who fall victim to bullying. Nancy challenged girls to love others as Jesus loves.   Watch the Conversation Now

Bullying Is So Not Okay

One out of every four students is bullied, and 85% of these situations never receive intervention.* Bestselling author Nancy Rue recently released the tween novel So Not Okay: An Honest Look at Bullying from the Bystander, the first book in the Mean Girl Trilogy, to address bullying from the perspective of the bystander. So Not Okay