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Enemy #1 is Satan

Who Is Satan?

Who Is Satan?

The Bible says that there are three sources of our sin: the flesh, the world, and the devil. In other words: you, where you live, and who runs the place. I want to focus on the devil because he is such a neglected aspect in the teaching of many churches today. Outside of horror film

Say No to Guilt!

The apostle Paul offers good advice in Philippians 3:13 where he says (my paraphrase), I don’t consider that I’ve already arrived but here is what I do. I forget those things that are in my past and focus on my future in Christ Jesus. This is the guy who was complicit in many state-sponsored incarcerations

Forgiveness His Way

Think for a moment of the worst sin you’ve committed… Yeah, that one. If you’re like most people, your mind raced with lightning speed to that moment you wish you could take back and relive. What’s more, the thought didn’t come alone. Along with it came a wagonload of guilt that builds pressure in your chest like