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The Bottom of the Pool

At the Bottom of the Pool, God said “Be grateful.”

At the Bottom of the Pool, God said “Be grateful.”

Seriously? It happened one morning when my life had sprinted past whatever control I thought I had on anything resembling a schedule.  This was during a time when I would cringe if anyone asked me to speak about “balance in life”. I had showered and slipped from the darkness of my bedroom minutes before.  In

Stories Matter

Stories Inspire Divine Conversations

Stories Inspire Divine Conversations Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. – Jeremiah 1:5 When people ask what I do for a living, I hesitate to say, “I am an author.” An author?  That sounds like a “big deal” and I am not one.  I

The Very Best Life

Is It Possible These Two Lives Might Look Entirely Different? Have you ever laid out an opportunity with the possibility of great rewards for someone you loved — or perhaps more than one someone? As you watched them struggle, you quietly prayed for them, hoping beyond hope for their success. Without interfering, you closed your

How Kids Can Change The World

We all want our kids to grow up and be world changers in the positive sense of the word, don’t we? We want them to be lights of the world who love Jesus and encourage others to do the same. We want them to be a voice of hope to a hurting world. We want