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Sharing the Bible Through Masterful Storytelling

Sharing the Bible Through Masterful Storytelling

  Are you looking for a creative way to captivate your family’s interest whenever you gather with them to discuss God’s Word? Do you long for the day when your teenagers will eagerly open their Bibles and spend quiet time with God because they recognize the relevance of Scripture in their lives? As parents, we

4 Tips to Help Our Kids Relate to Bible Stories

One of my favorite things to do is read Bible stories with my kids. I grew up going to church, but Bible reading didn’t really happen at home. I loved the flannel-graph stories that my Sunday school teacher told, but these stories were usually theme-based and told out of order. As an adult, when I

Red Jell-O and the Red Sea: Bible Adventure Stories Every Kid Will Love

I’ll never forget the day my Sunday School teacher pulled back two large strips of red Jell-O by cellophane paper to allow my little fingers to walk through the “Red Sea.” She had a wonderful way of making it known to first graders that the Bible was anything but boring. Indeed, many stories included so

Why I Keep Re-Reading the Bible (and What I Learn from Children’s Bible Stories)

As a young child I can remember hearing the stories of my favorite Bible heroes over and over again. Whether at Sunday School or at home, I marveled at the adventures experienced by Moses, Nehemiah, Esther, and John the Baptist. Now as an adult, I read these same stories to my children. I’ve lost track of

Speak TRUTH: How to Make Bible Stories Come Alive for Your Kids

I’ve watched my children grow from a simple interest in Bible stories and characters to an understanding of bigger faith concepts that directly apply to their lives. It’s exciting to make Bible stories come alive for our kids so they can apply what they learn to their own lives. But it can feel daunting to