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Top Children’s Books for Easter

Top Children’s Books for Easter

Easter is just a hop, skip, and a jump away! Now’s the time to stock up on these meaningful, Scriptural, whimsical, and fun books for your little ones! Share the true story of Easter with them and the love of Christ with these books to be treasured year after year. Here are our some of our

Do You Know How Much God Loves You?

Eighteen years ago, a wondrous thing happened. On a torrential Valentine’s Day, in a small church in Southern California, I walked down the aisle and pledged my love and my life to a man I was ready to spend the rest of my days with. As part of our wedding ceremony, I spoke these words

Springtime: New Beginnings

Spring is when everything comes to life, flowers bloom, animals come out of hiding, and people start emerging from their houses. We Seattle-ites sort of hibernate during the rainy season just like animals do so it’s nice when the weather starts warming up and raining less. We love going outside, hiking and just enjoying nature.