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Breaking Busy: Jesus Needed Rest and So Do You

Breaking Busy: Jesus Needed Rest and So Do You

Our lives have gotten so cluttered up with things we think we “should” do, we can’t figure out what we were meant to do. Setting boundaries in our lives is the only way to ensure we stay healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. Jesus Himself set boundaries around His time. One of my favorite stories is

Why Our Morning Routines Matter to God

I am not a morning person by nature. Like many moms, there are plenty of days when I’d rather lounge in bed instead of rising, shining, and greeting my family with a healthy breakfast and a sunny smile. But I’ve learned that if we want to be the women that God calls us to be,

Dare to Rest Challenge – Week 1: The Badge of Busyness

Enemy #1 of Rest – The Badge of Busyness Ask someone the simple question, “How are you?” and as a reply, you’ll probably hear phrases like “super busy,” “swamped,” “overwhelmed,” and “wish there were more hours in the day.” As a bonus, you might even get a play-by-play rundown of the overbooked calendar, spoken, of