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Others of us have been around prayer enough that it feels familiar. We know what to expect from others and what’s expected of us. But we may be praying in a way that is actually quite different from what Scripture reveals about prayer. Or we might find ourselves in a season when prayer has become an afterthought — or something altogether forgotten. Or perhaps we’ve settled into a good prayer practice, but we could use some fresh inspiration.

The Purpose of Prayer

The Purpose of Prayer

  The function of prayer is… to change the nature of the one who prays. — Søren Kierkegaard Scripture shows us many types of interactions with God. We see Jacob wrestling with God for hours, and Job overcome with doubt and bitterness in His presence. We see Moses’ fearful excuses and Jonah’s stubborn resistance. Then

If you’ve suffered injustice at the hands of others, these prayers are for you to give to God. If you’re watching this hurting world and aching for the pain you see, these are prayers for you to cry out. Thy Kingdom come!

Prayers for When You Need Justice

Lord, You know the pain I’ve endured at the hands of others. I give myself to You, the Healer. I also submit to Your command to love everyone around me, including my enemies. May I not repay evil for evil. May my heart not wish harm for those who have hurt me. Instead, I pray