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Please, God

Please, God

Maybe your dad was always there for you. Maybe he took you school-supply shopping, hugged you when you cried, and told that ex of yours that he or she messed with the wrong kid. Or maybe your dad was deeply flawed. Maybe, through his words and actions or his silence and neglect, you learned that

Helping Kids Choose to Do What’s Right

Bob is four years old and regularly leaves his pajamas on the floor in the bedroom after he gets dressed. Mom wants to help him manage himself in this simple area. How can she use a conscience approach to help her son do what’s right without being told? All parents want to help their children

Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style

Knowing your child’s learning style is a huge help on those days in the journey of parenting when you can’t seem to break through to your child. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your child just doesn’t understand what you are trying to explain? Or perhaps he feels like you don’t understand