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Here are some important things you need to know about this freedom. Number one, it is not circumstantial. It doesn't depend on your environment. It doesn't depend on your good behavior. It doesn't depend on a good day. It doesn't matter how many consecutive Sundays you've attended church, if you have completed all of your Bible studies, gone through all your curriculum. This is not circumstantial freedom. Faith and grace say if I believe in my heart, then the freedom is mine.

It is for Freedom You Have Been Set Free

It is for Freedom You Have Been Set Free

  Throughout the letter of Galatians, Paul shows us all the pitfalls of trying to live a legalistic life, how the law has failed us, that it served a purpose for a while, but Jesus Christ has given us this inheritance, this adoption. He has changed the game and here’s why… He says it’s for

Your Sins Are Forgiven

There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. —­Romans 8:1 NIV The algebra of Heaven reads something like this: Heaven is a perfect place for perfect people, which leaves us in a perfect mess. According to Heaven’s debt clock, we owe more than we could ever repay. Our debt is enough

Be Free from Student Debt So You Can Live with Impact for God

Freedom to Choose Work You Love Tragically, too many teachers, social workers, pastors, and others in lower-paying jobs today are struggling with student debt throughout their twenties, thirties, and even beyond. And many of you, afraid of such a future, are, for financial reasons, opting out of the work God made you to do. That’s

Say Yes to No Debt: Blueprint for Freedom

Successful strategies do not just happen by coincidence or accident. Certain dynamics must exist to enhance the likelihood for success. The dfree ® strategy includes three key areas as part of an effective blueprint for success. Foremost, you must clearly identify your central goal. Do you want to pay off all credit card debt? Save