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We’ve Got Olympic Fever!

We’ve Got Olympic Fever!

  2020 may have been cancelled, but 2021 is ON! Are you glued to your screens watching the Olympics? We are! What’s your favorite? Beach Volleyball? Gymnastics? Boxing? Tennis? Diving? Track and field athletics? Who can pick?! It’s all awesome and the athletes are amazing! We’ve picked out several of our favorite books by athletes

The affect we have on people around us is important. Our witness is greater than we think it is and we’re observed more than we are aware. Let’s preach the gospel of Jesus in our daily lives!

Show Faith Through Actions, Not Just Words

  “Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” It’s reported that Saint Francis of Assisi said those words when asked by others how a person should express his faith. And while most who know me wouldn’t expect me to pull out a supposedly eight-hundred-year-old quote from a Catholic friar, when I heard