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Connect Children with History

6 Ways to Connect Children with History

6 Ways to Connect Children with History

As I child, I loved history. Even now, I am fascinated by the tales of those who have gone before me and paved the way. My bookshelves hold a mix of decorative and useful antiques or memorabilia that have been passed down through generations, and I always enjoy sharing with friends the stories about how

Veterans Day for Kids: What Does Veterans Day Mean to Your Child?

A few weeks back, my husband and I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia. We are lovers of American history and we visited a cemetery there that played a part in the Civil War. As we walked along the path, we came across a historical marker that caught my attention. The plaque marked the grave of


5 Reasons Why We Chose Homeschooling

Choosing to homeschool your children is not a decision to take lightly. Homeschooling is hard work and requires parents who are ready and willing to take on the full burden of their child’s education. Our family of six decided early on that homeschooling was the right choice for us. It’s not the right choice for

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Factors in Making School Choices

Smart kids are more likely to make smart money decisions! Ultimately school choice for our children starts by creating a home environment that’s dedicated to learning. Instilling in our children a passion for education is the greatest gift we can give them. Toys will break, clothes will wear out, school days will fade into the past,

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9 Ways to Prevent Summer Brain Drain

Summer is the time for playing, relaxing, going on vacation, and watching TV, right? Not exactly. According to a 2001 study from the University of Missouri, kids lose an average of two months’ educational progress over the summer. Two months! In other words, they have to relearn in September and October what they already learned in April

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What to Teach Kids about the Bible

Of all the things you do in parenting, even the most important parenting tips boil down to one thing: your primary job is to train your children to be disciples of Jesus Christ. The Bible is the guidebook for life, and when people, including children, follow it, good things happen. But how can you teach

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The Lower Side of College Ed

Higher education has become exorbitantly expensive and inefficient, in part, because of a lack of accountability and pressure from students and taxpayers. As Heather MacDonald has written, even as California’s higher education budget withers on the vine, UC–Berkeley found $194,000 to pay its “vice chancellor for equity and inclusion.” That’s four times the starting salary