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You Are Stamped with God’s Image

You Are Stamped with God’s Image

Key Story: God creates humankind (GENESIS 1:26–30) God’s Promise: Let Us make human beings in Our image, make them reflecting Our nature. — Genesis 1:26 MSG My Promise: I will embrace my role as God’s image bearer. Personal Study Did you know God made you to be more like Him than anything else in all

Edifying vs. Contentious Speech

Editor’s Note —The James Code is dedicated to “those special and sacrificial pastors, their wives, and in most cases, their widows in Mission:Dignity who have given their lives to serving others so often in “out of the way places,” and who are now in their declining years. While in ministry they lived in church-owned homes

Living Like Jesus — Free

Welcome to Sit & Listen Saturdays on Devotionals Daily! Relax in your favorite chair, brew a cup of tea, and enjoy your Saturday devotions on audio – with two ways to take part: 1) simply click through to the blog to hear the MP3 (it plays automatically!); or 2) if you have an Amazon Echo or

Become an Encourager: Developing a Habit of Affirming Your Mate

Every day we make choices either to feel threatened by or to benefit from our partner’s strengths. Do you encourage and appreciate the strengths your partner brings to your marriage partnership? If so, it will help you through the hard times. When you’re willing to affirm each other’s strengths, you may find that some of your roughest times become some