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Praise your child

Stop Driving Your Kids Crazy

Stop Driving Your Kids Crazy

Stop Driving Your Kids Crazy One of the most important opportunities we have as parents is the opportunity to teach our children genuine mercy. This teaching begins with us. Our treatment of our kids is the first place they learn about mercy and forgiveness, and so it is one of the most powerful and enduring

The Safe Haven of Respect, Love, and Nurture

You know how God told Noah to build a boat in order to save his wife and kids from the Flood? The ark rescued this family by providing refuge from the chaos of the storm that surrounded them. In your family, here’s what shelter looks like: A Christian home is a place where dad is respected

Creative Ideas to Teach Children the Power of God’s Word

In recent weeks, one of my pastors told the story of a scary encounter he and his 6-year-old son experienced. The little boy looked up at his father and said, “Dad, we don’t have to be scared. We have Jesus.” Somehow, he knew this from the bottom of his heart and the thought came to

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a Child

Bible Verses About Children

What are some of the key Bible verses about children? Children are the reward of one’s youth. Happy, or blessed, is the man who has a quiver full of them. We hear statements like this nearly every father’s day among the many Bible verses about children. But what does it mean? And, how much is a

Stopping the Family Crazy Cycle

We have all seen the movie thrillers where the time bomb is ticking away and the hero has a few seconds to cut the right wire. Just before the final second passes, he defuses the bomb and shuts down the detonating device. Whew! Catastrophe averted! In a real sense parents face defusing situations many times

style of parenting bad

What’s your Parenting Style? 9 Common Parenting Mistakes

Have you ever wondered what in the world you’re doing wrong as a parent? I’d venture to say not as much as you may think. Parents are often caught off guard by our kids’ decisions, so we are not ready with an appropriate response…. By analyzing parenting styles, we can get an interesting insight into some common