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If your life has been affected by suicide, you are so loved. If you have contemplated suicide, you are so loved. Myths have made the topic of suicide so much more painful and we in the Body of Christ must respond with kindness and compassion. There is hope for today and community who will help!

Fear Gone Wild: Myths About Suicide

Fear Gone Wild: Myths About Suicide

  Editor’s note: Kayla Stoecklein is a voice of compassion and hope for those oppressed with the mostly-taboo topic of suicide. It’s a delicate issue, one haunted by shame and fear, and one that needs to be brought into the light of God’s grace. In Fear Gone Wild, Kayla shares her and Andrew’s story but

Unforgivable Sin: Does God Ever Leave Us?

An Earth Shattering Instant No one saw Harriet’s suicide coming. Two nights before her death, she wrote an e-mail to a friend in which she admitted that she was struggling with doubt but believed she was turning the corner. She even had an affirming conversation with her spiritual mentor the night before she took her