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We love, but we do not know the One who is Love. We praise, but we praise what has been made and not the One who has made all things. We are so often in conflict with ourselves and with one another. We are proud when we should be humble.

Devotions to Learn the Life-Altering Love of God

Devotions to Learn the Life-Altering Love of God

  Editor’s Note: It’s a new year and it’s time to form more consistent daily rhythms. One of our newest 90-day devotionals might help do the trick. God Above All is a unique devotional that will take us through 90 days of some of Fourth-century philosopher and theologian St. Augustine’s most influential works. Here’s a

Anger at others can set the whole world on fire. As we’ve seen, it can cause more damage than anyone could have imagined. As Christians, we have to put down our pride and love as we are loved. God will redeem for us what He will redeem!

Don’t Fight Fire with Fire

  Why rage against bad people? “Because they’re bad,” you say. You add yourself to their number by raging against them. Let me give you some advice: Are you being bothered by a bad person? Don’t make there be two of you. By condemning the person, you join them. You increase the number under judgment.