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10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Every action and reaction we share as husband and wife, every moment we experience in marriage, is a brushstroke of colorful paint smeared across the canvas of life. – Jennifer Smith 1. Always treat your partner with the utmost respect and love, the exact same way you would want to be treated by him or

Craving Happiness

Listen in on the following conversation : “Marilyn, we just found a perfect personal ad for you. It reads, ‘Professional man seeks the company of a professional woman. His most attractive quality: contentedness.’” Wordlessly I stare at my friends as they follow up with another personal ad they also think worthy of my response. “Successful and handsome man looking

It’s All About Jesus

Several years ago, I spent quite a lot of time going in and out of South Sudan during the decades-long civil war that ravaged the nation and its people. I took part in different missions to deliver much-needed food and lifesaving medicine and to encourage the local Christians as we preached the gospel whenever we could. These experiences