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Women, You Matter!

Helen, Marie, Ann, Inez, Ruth, Mavis… These were my grandma’s girlfriends, present in my earliest memories. They all held me the first week I lived. I cannot remember my grandma without them — in her kitchen, playing dominos, vacationing at her Colorado cabin, attending our graduation ceremonies, bringing the swankiest gifts to our weddings and

Run Your Race

I am inspired by people doing what they do best…. God truly built gifts into our lives. Everyone is good at something. Some make a living with their gifts and others just bless the world. I am thinking of several women who are really, really good at friendship. They are such spectacular friends to me that

Introducing “For the Love” Book Club

Are you ready for this? Sit down and buckle up because Jen Hatmaker is joining FaithGateway and our women’s community, Faith.Full, for an exclusive book club starting September 15th! I know. I practically fainted. She’s just my very favorite! Here at Faith.Full, we are über-fan-geeks for Jen. We’re tribe members. We heart Jen. And, seriously who

Hope for Spicy Families

Although it’s reductive, I categorize most families as either “sweet” or “spicy.” There are pros and cons to both, with tons of overlap on the Venn diagram, but still. In general, a family trends toward one or the other. One guess which way the Hatmakers lean. We are spicy people. We love obnoxious humor and