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This Christmas, Seek Christ

This Christmas, Seek Christ

The Christmas season has arrived! Christmas is a season of great joy – a time to praise God and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. What is more miraculous than the coming of God in the flesh – born to the Virgin Mary, conceived by the Holy Spirit – a Savior sent to redeem mankind

Hide and Seek

The story of God and the human race is a story of hide-and-seek. Only we get confused sometimes about who is IT. A bumper sticker that was popular years ago in some church circles proclaimed “I FOUND IT.” In a strict theological sense, the slogan is backwards. The truth is, IT found me. Often those

What Every Mom Should Teach Her Daughter

It is no accident that Kari Kampakis opens her book, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know, with the subject of popularity. The first truth she shares with moms and daughters is this: Kindness is more important than popularity. Yes! She is right on. And we all (especially throughout adolescence) want to be popular. But our