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I Can’t Be Perfect

I Can’t Be Perfect

Trying to Be Perfect Dear Jesus, I am so frustrated and disappointed in myself. I want to be better than I am, and I want to do bigger and greater things. I know I’m not being all I can be — not for myself, not for those around me, and definitely not for You. Lord,

Underappreciated | Jesus, I Need You

When You Feel Underappreciated

Editor’s Note: Have you ever written a letter to Jesus? What other ways can you communicate with Him besides prayer? Jesus, I Need You is a collection of prayers to Jesus, written as letters. Each letter covers a topic or feeling that we all have likely been through before, helping us connect with God more intimately and encourage

Jesus, I Need You… When I Feel Disappointment

This Mixed-up World Dear Jesus,
 I’m frustrated with this mixed-up world. Everything seems turned upside down. What You’ve declared to be evil and wrong is often considered to be right and good. There are even those who change Your Word so it fits what they want to do and who they want You to be.