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Jesus drew people in because He was real, and that is the real attractiveness. Our true appeal will always be our truth lived out.

Real Over Pretty

Real Over Pretty

Their joy will be in doing what’s right and being themselves, and not in being affirmed by. — Galatians 6:4 TPT JESUS WASN’T PRETTY I didn’t know until I was older that Jesus wasn’t a mirror image of that tall, dark, and handsome man with the well-groomed facial hair who hung on our family room

Jesus Over Evyething

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Sign up here! He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. — Colossians 1:17 Life is Jesus. Jesus is life. ~ Lisa Whittle This week, I had to lie down and sleep more. It has been so exhausting and emotional, hasn’t it? I’ve felt surprisingly raw and jangled and worried like