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9 Ways to Help Boys Become Leaders

9 Ways to Help Boys Become Leaders

Yep, I have 5 sons. It’s not as perfect as you probably imagine. In fact, sometimes I wonder how I still have any intact electronic equipment. Between the super hero battles, experiments, and curiosity disassemblings, I’m happy to be able to even watch a movie. My boys are between the ages of eight and 24

Marriage Is Kind of a Funny Thing

I can remember shortly after getting married, John Luke and I were talking and we both said, “Marriage is interesting because it’s like nothing changes, yet everything changes.” We are still the same two people, but at the same time we are not. We are still the John Luke and Mary Kate who had just

Faith Commander: Do You Have Redonkulous Faith?

Living in the spotlight, subjecting yourself to the scrutiny of those who take pleasure in exploiting your flaws is beyond difficult. Many families crumble when subjected to this kind of pressure. The world of reality TV proves this point. Viewers watch helplessly as couples they have come to know crash and burn. One might ultimately