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Hunting Down the Spiders

Hunting Down the Spiders

  My family recently moved to a new home on the south side of Nashville. “New” is probably a little misleading, but what can I say? It’s new to us. Actually, it’s a 1955 ranch-style home on a  corner lot in a great neighborhood. I like the corner lot because that means more people can

Kill the Spider: Balderdash

Editor’s Note: In Kill the Spider, Carlos Whittaker deals with problems, bad habits, harmful thought patters (cobwebs) all the way down to the root issue (spider) in order to finally kill it and find freedom in Jesus. In this excerpt, he shares about his experience at a week-long therapy camp. * Remember how I told

God, We Need to Talk.

When my eyes opened the next morning, they didn’t move left or right. They just stared straight up. The ceiling fan above my bed was strangely therapeutic. As I watched it go around and around I recollected my week so far. I’d left my family for a week. I’d given up my connection to the