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Helping Our Children Through Sibling Struggles

Helping Our Children Through Sibling Struggles

Have you ever read a book that you can totally relates to your life? Come across characters that make you smile because they remind you of family members? Fallen in love with a fictional family that could be your own? I have in The Berenstein Bears and the Biggest Brag. While my husband and I

What Does the Bible Say About Sportsmanship?

My seven-year-old boy loves sports. So far, he has played soccer, baseball, football, floor hockey, lacrosse, and basketball. When I ask him which one is his favorite, he has a tough time choosing. While the sports he plays will change from season to season, I hope the one thing that will remain the same is his good sportsmanship.

How to Start a Book Club for Kids

I don’t remember reading a lot of books when I was in grade school. My love of cozying up with a great novel and a cup of tea didn’t start until after I graduated college. As a mom, I want my children to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of reading. One of the ways we have made

A Birthday Letter and Gift for My Tween Daughter

My little girl is not so little any more. It’s hard to believe that almost eleven years ago I was in a New York City hospital anticipating her early arrival. This precious little girl that I held in my arms is a few short years away from becoming a young lady, no longer my baby girl. She’s