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Healing: Learning to Bond

Healing: Learning to Bond

Healing: Learning to Bond Having good emotional connections is as natural as a plant taking in water. But we are not plants living in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, we require some serious gardening in order to bear fruit. The fig tree gardener planned to “dig around and fertilize” the tree that wasn’t bearing any

Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style

Knowing your child’s learning style is a huge help on those days in the journey of parenting when you can’t seem to break through to your child. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your child just doesn’t understand what you are trying to explain? Or perhaps he feels like you don’t understand

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9 Ways to Prevent Summer Brain Drain

Summer is the time for playing, relaxing, going on vacation, and watching TV, right? Not exactly. According to a 2001 study from the University of Missouri, kids lose an average of two months’ educational progress over the summer. Two months! In other words, they have to relearn in September and October what they already learned in April