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Jesus Is…Your Friend

Jesus Is…Your Friend

Jesus went to Zacchaeus’s house and became the guest of a notorious sinner. He went to Matthew’s house and ate dinner with many tax collectors and other disreputable sinners. In full view of everyone, He hung out with today’s equivalent to pimps, prostitutes, and crackheads. In that culture, to eat with someone was to identify

Living Like Jesus — Free

Welcome to Sit & Listen Saturdays on Devotionals Daily! Relax in your favorite chair, brew a cup of tea, and enjoy your Saturday devotions on audio – with two ways to take part: 1) simply click through to the blog to hear the MP3 (it plays automatically!); or 2) if you have an Amazon Echo or

God Really Loves Idiosyncratic You

Bible Reading: Psalm 103:12-14 A friend of mine, a pastor on my staff, told me that his father-in-law had wanted to express how much he appreciated him. At the time, my friend’s wife had just come out of a long period of sickness. My friend’s father-in-law wanted to tell him how much he appreciated his

Life Is ________: To Be Loved By God

Famous philosophers of the world view life as futile, meaningless, and filled with empty pain. When asked to address the ultimate purpose of life, they have little or nothing to say beyond “do what feels good,” and “there are no absolutes” so do whatever you want without guilt. Is that really all there is to