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Teaching Children Love Acts as Much as It Feels

Teaching Children Love Acts as Much as It Feels

I don’t feel like going to school today. I don’t feel like cleaning my room. I don’t feel like asking her to be my friend. It seems as soon as our kids could talk, they learned to utter some version of the “I don’t feel like it” statement. What started as them asserting their independence

Living Palms Up

Let them turn the other cheek to those who strike them and accept the insults of their enemies. — Lamentations 3:30 When people get angry or defensive they tend to make mistakes. But nobody can be defensive with their palms up. Go ahead and try it. Right now, wherever you are. Set your hands on

Love Does Study with Bob Goff

What do I do to live into the person that Jesus made me to be?… Do you know what the answer was for me? I did stuff! – Bob Goff, Love Does video All of us have seasons of life when our relationship with God is really humming — those times where our faith and