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God Is Near

God Is Near

God Is Near

  Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. — Luke 12:7 Never take for granted My intimate nearness. Marvel at the wonder of My continual Presence with you. Even the most ardent human lover cannot be with you always. Nor can another

Indescribable book

What God Sees {Indescribable by Louie Giglio}

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. — Hebrews 4:13 NIV Did you know that on a clear night, away from the city lights and using only your eyes, you can see all the way to the Andromeda Galaxy, which is located an astonishing 2.5 million light-years from Earth? And on a really

We Have a Great Big God: Teaching Kids the 3 O’s of God’s Character

There is no doubt that we serve a great big God. He is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. But if we use those adjectives to describe God’s bigness to our young kids, their eyes will grow wide with confusion – thinking we’ve lost our mind or that we’re speaking another language! Helping kids understand their great

Downside Up: Discovering the Real You

Identity: Who Am I Really? I am amazed how a word of admiration or expression of affirmation can create energy that lasts for days. I don’t know about you, but a compliment can change my entire day. Positive affirmation creates energy and confidence. Admit it, when a total stranger walks up to you and says,

Breast Cancer: Reaching for Remission

“Look at this verse,” my daughter, Laura, said to me, holding up her teacher’s manual for vacation Bible school. “How am I supposed to teach that to third graders?” She showed me Matthew 26:28 (KJV): For this is My blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. Testament wasn’t a

Help Children Discover Their God-Given Talents

Ever doubt yourself? Ever doubt that there is something special and unique in you that God can use to do something amazing in your life or the lives of others? What is that unique God-given talent that you can use to bring glory to God? These are questions that plague us occasionally as adults and