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In the Manger: Why Would He Come?

In the Manger: Why Would He Come?

Christ Himself was like God in everything… But He gave up His place with God and made Himself nothing. He was born as a man and became like a servant. — Philippians 2:6-7 NCV Why? Why did Jesus travel so far? I was asking myself that question when I spotted the squirrels outside my window.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Rhyming Books are the Way to Go!

Recently, dear friends of ours visited with the newest addition to their family, a beautiful baby boy. After all the oohing and aahing we asked them, ”How is he sleeping? “ We reminisced about when our children were babies and our bedtime rituals. Then out of the blue my husband began to recite a book

The Star – God Provides a Travel Guide for Seekers

The Star — God Provides a Travel Guide for Seekers Believe it or not, the Bible tells us that God commissioned a particular star to serve as a kind of travel guide for a group of men from the East who had developed an interest in looking for the Christmas child. Not only did that star lead these Easterners

christmas manger craft

Christmas Manger Craft for Kids

Recently, I was chatting with my five-year-old about the upcoming holiday and had one of those “crawl under the table and hide because I’m so embarrassed” moments. You know those moments where you wonder, “Where did I go wrong as a mom?”. When I casually asked my son what Christmas was all about, he answered

meaning of christmas

The Real Meaning of Christmas

We hear it all the time, “don’t forget the meaning of Christmas.” Yet how many people know the real meaning of Christmas? According to a survey released this week by the American Bible Society, 94% of Americans celebrate Christmas but only 15% of Americans read the Bible’s account of the birth of Christ as part of their