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Sometimes kindness requires a little discomfort. Let’s get uncomfortably kind! We want to make kindness loud, don’t we? Jesus did!

Make Kindness Loud

Make Kindness Loud

  The power of kindness was not a new thought to Jo and me. This concept is echoed in our Magnolia Manifesto, a series of statements that lead out the work we do as a company, serving as a lighthouse of sorts. No matter the conditions, these words guide us home. A line from that

Jesus, Respecter of Women

“Jesus Christ raised women above the condition of mere slaves, mere ministers to the passions of man, raised them by His sympathy, to be Ministers of God.” – Florence Nightingale We are living in a time in history where nearly everyone claims to be a respecter of women; but so many men’s lives (and behind-closed-doors

Boundaries | John Townsend and Henry Cloud

Practicing Boundaries: Love vs Enabling

Practicing Boundaries: Love vs Enabling We all want to care and help those in need. But how do you know when you are being loving with someone, or are actually enabling them? When you are faced with a request for your time, energy or money, how do you know if the right response is to