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Straight to the Cross

Straight to the Cross

Distraction is something we all deal with. You may remember having a dream, calling, or perhaps an inkling of what God created you to do. Then along came jobs, bills, dental appointments, and everything in between. Before you know it, you’re just trying to make it to bedtime so you can get some sleep, get


My daughter died of cancer at 8 years old, and I am blessed. Excuse me? Yes, you read that right. This statement appears to be oxymoronic, to be oil and water. Delusional. After all, the loss of Daisy Love drove me to spend some serious time questioning. Why, God? Why a broken world? Why me?

Facing Down Your Adversaries

When the Japanese were en route over the Pacific to bomb Pearl Harbor, a Japanese naval commander proclaimed to the chief officer of the fleet that Japan would soon be the greatest world power, eliminating the superpower status of the United States. The chief commander looked reflectively at his comrade and said, “I fear all we have done