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And Now for Something Completely Violent

And Now for Something Completely Violent

And Now for Something Completely Violent

Horrific Violence, Some of It Involving Bears In 2013, the journal Pediatrics published a study that found movies rated “PG-13” were, on average, more violent than movies rated “R.”1 The reason for this, as far as anyone can tell, is that it’s easy to make violent acts seem less violent simply by neglecting to show

Pride is a blinder

Humility Shines

Most of the players in the Christmas drama inspire us with their faith. Mary, who had great courage. Joseph, who was obedient. The shepherds, who came quickly and worshipped willingly. The wise men, who traveled far and gave generously. Most of the characters in the Bethlehem drama behaved like heroes. But there was one who

Laying the Foundation for Your Morning Routine

A Focus on Building the Habit At the heart of Hello Mornings is one simple habit. We believe that if we can help you build the habit of meeting with Jesus — trusting that He has a plan for your life and living as though you trust that plan — that habit will grow, as

You Can Have The Life You’ve Always Wanted

Success in any field requires work, practice, dedication, and the ability to learn from setbacks. When something is worth our effort, we throw ourselves into the task. What makes us think becoming spiritually mature is any different? The Apostle Paul used terms borrowed from the sporting world. “Work out your salvation,” “run to win,” “buffet