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Fighter, finisher, faithful — may those be our tombstone words! Let’s start today wherever we are weak. Fight, keep going, remain faithful. Jesus is with us!

Fighter, Finisher, Faithful

Fighter, Finisher, Faithful

  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. — 2 Timothy 4:7 To have a life of impact, I need to be three things: a fighter, a finisher, and faithful. This sound advice was written by Paul near the end of his life, in a letter

Stewardship Matters

Overspending and mindless shopping can be destructive habits, whether we have a little or a lot. In fact, mindless spending might even be a little easier to keep in check when money is very tight, or at least when credit is not readily available. The real problem comes for those of us with a little more to spend, those of

The Mother and Child Project: His Plan is for Us to Help

In April 1997, Debbie and I visited a children’s hospital in Soweto, South Africa, with Franklin Graham and his Samaritan’s Purse organization. As we walked through the halls of that hospital, visiting children with terminal illnesses who we knew would never be healed this side of heaven, our hearts broke. We knew that this pain and suffering was

what makes a leader

What Makes a Leader?

What makes a leader? Rank? Status? Celebrity? Caste? Clout? Style? Is leadership automatically bestowed by a box on the organizational chart? Where do position and power figure into the formula for leadership? And what is the ideal model for leaders? Is it the corporate CEO? The military commander? The head of state? Jesus answered all