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Get in the Groove of Prayer

Get in the Groove of Prayer

Those of us who suffer from anxiety and depression want to get rid of these enemies. They rob us of so much life and productivity. And that is not just my opinion. The Scriptures — especially the book of Proverbs — contain several sober acknowledgments about the contrasting results in one’s life from having a

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously… Relax!

A merry heart does good, like medicine. — Proverbs 17:22 I work with a lot of leaders. And one thing I’ve found is that many times they take themselves much too seriously. Of course, they’re not alone. I meet people in every walk of life who have too much doom and gloom in their attitudes. They

What Does the Bible Say About Laughter?

I love a good laugh, especially the kind that makes me double over and desperately gasp for breath. I enjoy funny movies, good clean jokes, and innocent pranks. Often when I am going through periods of prolonged stress, all it takes is a good laugh to lighten the load. When my husband and I aren’t

Genesis 21:6

Laugh! It’s Good For You!

He will yet fill your mouth with laughing, and your lips with rejoicing. — Job 8:21 It was a great surprise to Scrooge… to hear a hearty laugh. It was a much greater surprise to Scrooge to recognise it as his own nephew’s and to find himself in a bright, dry, gleaming room, with the Spirit