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7 Tips to Help Tween Girls Develop a Healthy Body Image

7 Tips to Help Tween Girls Develop a Healthy Body Image

I have an eleven-year-old daughter. I’m amazed at how, even at her young, tender age, society has already influenced her body image by communicating what is beautiful and what is not. I’m trying to raise her to be secure about who she is and love the body God gave her – and to embrace her

Peer Pressure: If your friends jumped off a bridge…

I’m sure all of us can remember a myriad of catchphrases we overheard our parents chastise us with over and over again as we were growing up, but perhaps none more than “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” Perhaps it sounded a little different in your family. Maybe something like: If your

A Birthday Letter and Gift for My Tween Daughter

My little girl is not so little any more. It’s hard to believe that almost eleven years ago I was in a New York City hospital anticipating her early arrival. This precious little girl that I held in my arms is a few short years away from becoming a young lady, no longer my baby girl. She’s

children significant purpose

Building Significant Purpose in Your Child

The God of purpose has built an inner need for significance into each one of our children. They were born with it and long to have it developed into something that makes their lives significant. Let me give you three things that you can do to help build this significant purpose into your child. 1.