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Saved by Suffering

Saved by Suffering

Saved by Suffering

  The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth. — Psalm 145:18 I woke up on what I thought would be an ordinary Monday a few summers ago, but nothing was normal. I felt as if knives were mercilessly carving their way through my insides.

Sometimes our prayers can seem to hit the ceiling and fall back to the floor. But, Jesus Himself told us to keep praying. Don’t give up! God is listening! He cares and He acts on our behalf.

To God’s Ear

  How many times have we stood by the water’s edge and simply tossed pebbles into the water? Pebble after pebble after pebble we toss them in as far as our arm’s length and strength will allow. Once the pebbles hit the water’s surface they sink beyond our physical sight, but we know without a

Psalm 46:10

Make Prayer or Meditation and Physical Exercise a Part of Your Recovery

The truth is you will thrive after tragedy much faster by making these a part of your weekly routine, and I recommend incorporating them in that order. Prayer is important. Taking time to talk to God, and to listen to what He wants to tell you, is so crucial. It is a two-way conversation, figuratively

Being Honest with God

“I am angry!” she said to me. It was a strange way to start a conversation, but her emotions seemed to overwhelm her. I had just finished teaching, and I was signing a book for someone when this woman stepped between us. Asking her to wait just a second, I finished signing the book and

Why, When, and How Should We Pray?

Why, When, and How Should We Pray?

Why Should We Pray? God insists that we ask, not because He needs to know our situation, but because we need the spiritual discipline of asking. — Catherine Marshall Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and  petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. — Philippians 4:6 So I say