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The Supreme Importance of Delight

The Supreme Importance of Delight

Here is something that may surprise you: parents who think the primary importance of reading is to be successful in school are less likely to have kids who enjoy reading than parents who see reading primarily as a venue for entertainment. Did you catch that? Kids whose parents believe reading is first and foremost a

10 Ways to Make Reading a Natural Part of Your Family Life

Reading exposes children to a depth of language and vocabulary that gives them a huge academic advantage. I’d like to offer a list of ideas to help you make reading a natural part of your family’s life. Feel free to adjust or delete according to what suits you and yours. 1. Use the Library in

4 Benefits of Reading Biographies With Your Children

My kids love to read. My oldest daughter enjoys mysteries and adventures into the unknown. My middle girl likes stories of lighter fare with lovable protagonists or animals that talk. My son is into anything with sports, spies, or pirates. As long as I remember this, I have a pretty good chance that they will

Lessons in Love

Nighttime Comforts of Rhymes and Rhythm

Can you recall your favorite bedtime story from your childhood? Perhaps you remember a certain book read by a devoted parent who had memorized almost every word? Many adults can! The memory of a well-loved bedtime book often follows us into our adult years. What makes reading a book at bedtime so wonderful and comforting?

Helping Young Children Read the Bible Purposefully

Learning to enjoy reading the Bible at an early age is a wonderful way to develop a lifelong habit of Bible reading. Loving reading the Bible spurs children on to read more and to look forward to reading time. Today I wanted to share some wonderful ways of helping young children read the Bible purposefully. My

5 Ways to Celebrate Reading During Children’s Book Week

Did you know that Children’s Book Week happens every May? I know you’re already reading to your kids, but why not use this special week to do something out of the ordinary? Why not celebrate the books instead of just reading them? Here Are Some Great Ways to Celebrate Reading Do something from the story. Let’s start with