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The Safe Haven of Respect, Love, and Nurture

The Safe Haven of Respect, Love, and Nurture

You know how God told Noah to build a boat in order to save his wife and kids from the Flood? The ark rescued this family by providing refuge from the chaos of the storm that surrounded them. In your family, here’s what shelter looks like: A Christian home is a place where dad is respected

Repentance and Forgiveness: Better Than a Game of Battleship

Although the words repentance and forgiveness sound religious and clean, the practice of these two grace-based words takes sleeves-rolled-up hard work. They’re tough, and they’re sweaty. I’m a sinful man. This fact — and my willingness to confess it — releases the effects of God’s grace in my home. And because I am a sinful

Your House is a Lifeboat

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. — Joshua 24:15 For many years, Noah and his wife refused to buckle under the temptations of wickedness all around them. In fact, outside their immediate family, they did not have one friend who believed in God or was living a righteous life. Can you imagine what