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Give Your Kids Hope

Give Your Kids Hope

I was a worrier as a child. I had a wonderful childhood and I didn’t worry all day long, but I would lie in bed at night thinking about things that could go wrong — like missing an assignment or a friend not inviting me to a birthday party. Small things turned to big things

The Power of Love in Action

We have some friends who have been married more than thirty years. In their mid-fifties now, they seem to enjoy all the blessings possible for a healthy married couple — a beautiful home, good friends, bright children, and fulfilling careers. But their marriage hasn’t been a walk on easy street. Their second child, a boy,


My daughter died of cancer at 8 years old, and I am blessed. Excuse me? Yes, you read that right. This statement appears to be oxymoronic, to be oil and water. Delusional. After all, the loss of Daisy Love drove me to spend some serious time questioning. Why, God? Why a broken world? Why me?