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God the Planner (And Why I Need To Get Organized!)

God the Planner (And Why I Need To Get Organized!)

Are you a planner? I have never been one of those moms who make lunches the night before, lays out clothes for the following day, or starts a project ahead of time. On the occasions I do plan ahead, I feel great. My mind is at peace; I am not overwhelmed or stressed out. I

God’s Title: His Name is Lord

When someone important is being introduced, the announcer usually says, “Mr. So-And-So — Founder of This Extra-Important Company!” or, “Miss Something Else — Nobel-Prize-Winning Inventor of This Brilliant Thing!” Do you know how God likes to be introduced? His name is the Lord… Father to the fatherless, defender of widows. — Psalm 68:4-5 (NLT) Our

How to Recognize Your Child’s Unique Gifts

I have always been amazed by how early in life children begin to display the unique personalities that God has given them. As parents, you’re probably aware that some infants sleep peacefully in their cribs while others constantly cry for attention. You’ve also observed that some toddlers happily play with their toys while others run

Family Devotions

3 Tips For Meaningful Family Devotions

I stopped at my favorite bakery today. I ran inside, ordered up my favorite cookie, then sat outside in the warm car and enjoyed every bit of that salted caramel deliciousness before heading home. The three-minute drive back to my house would’ve been too long to wait. We’re talking the best cookie in town, y’all.