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Saturday Morning Superheroes

Saturday Morning Superheroes

As a little girl I would leap out of bed early on Saturday mornings to watch the latest episode of Batman. I would press up against the cold glass screen of our small, static television and get lost in the inner workings of Gotham City as the heroic duo combatted the evil schemes of Two-Face,

Beyond Championships: The Heart of a Servant

Serve before Deserve When people step away from the habit of “taking” and enter the space of “giving,” I believe they become not only more fulfilled but healthier spiritually. Giving back is like a statement to the heavenly Father that says, Thank You for what You’ve given me. It’s like a nod of gratitude combined

The Pastor’s Family: What is Faithful Ministry?

No doubt, the bar for greatness in the kingdom of God in our eyes is set by these giants of our faith. The lives of pastors like Jonathan Edwards, John Bunyan, Charles Spurgeon, and Richard Baxter; evangelists like George Whitefield and John Wesley; missionaries like William Carey, John Paton, and Adoniram Judson; Reformers like John