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Let’s focus on eternity together and keep our eyes there. This world is only temporary; it’s not our home. We join together with our brothers and sisters who are mourning in this season of also rejoicing.

If You Could See Me Now!

If You Could See Me Now!

  “I love it,” Casey said as he brushed away the tears spilling out of his eyes. That was exactly the reaction I was hoping for when he opened the Christmas gift I had bought him. We were only two months removed from Haven’s death, and this would be our first Christmas without her. Grief

Help My Little Faith

The consulting room finally stopped spinning, and I opened my eyes again. I felt numb, body and soul. I sat frozen in the metal chair, staring dully at the faded and picked blue carpet. We had arrived at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital just this morning knowing that we were likely facing something serious

come through

What Do I Do When It Seems God Hasn’t Come Through for Me?

  How do I continue trusting Him when my dreams have fallen apart? Have you ever asked these questions? Surely, we all have. Because life is tough and unpredictable and rarely happens the way we plan. When my twenty-one-month old daughter, Haven, was diagnosed with malignant brain cancer, these were the question scrolling through my