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4 Fun Ideas for Summer Bucket Lists

4 Fun Ideas for Summer Bucket Lists

Tomorrow, June 21, marks the first day of summer (for those of us here in the United States and the rest of the northern hemisphere), and this year we will be celebrating with a Summer Bucket List pajama party! We will be wearing our PJ’s all day and sleeping in after the rooster crows (hopefully

How to Simplify your Summer

I love summer! I have been known to drive my family crazy with my big expectations for what the summer months bring. In my mind, I have endless time and resources to do all the activities and things I want to accomplish . However, my reality is slightly different. By the time school starts, I’m

Sharing the Joy of God’s Creation with Your Kids

We spend a lot of time outside in the summer. We smear on some sunscreen, spritz on herbal bug spray, and head into the great outdoors. There’s so much to experience. In the busy-ness of our culture, it’s easy to forget the pleasures that being outside can bring. I encourage you to spend a morning

Summer’s Comin’… Can You Picture It?

Summer is definitely our family’s favorite season!  We love to spend time at the lake, soak up the sunshine, and eat lots of ice cream!  Oh, and who can forget s’mores? I’m an extremely goal driven person, but when it comes to summer, part of me wants to throw all those goals out the window.  Here are some ways to

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Start of Summer

It’s that time of year again! We’re excited to see flowers blooming and leaves on the trees. The sun is so bright and we can’t get enough of being outside. It’s almost summer and it’s time to celebrate! Over the years, my family has discovered a number of ways to kick-off this season, but today

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Keeping a Spiritual Fitness Routine for Kids During Summer Break

I’m not good with lack of routine.  Some people thrive on spontaneity; I thrive on order and structure. Sticking with a routine for kids during your summer break can be challenging, but I’d argue that routines are still very valuable. While vacations are a wonderful, much-needed break, it can be hard to stick with things like

kids lemonade stand earn money

5 Ways my Kids Earn Money over Summer

Summer break. It’s anticipated all year long, yet when it arrives, my kids soon become bored and begin asking when school returns back in session. This summer, I’ve made it my goal to help my children beat their boredom and earn some extra spending money to fund all the fun activities they want to do over the

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Quick and Affordable Summer Family Vacation Ideas

Summer is in full swing, but it’s not too late to plan a family vacation! If you’re anything like me, both time and money seem to be fleeting, yet there are still many quick, easy, and affordable summer family vacation ideas that can be implemented within the next couple months. There is a time for everything,