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Gospel-Centered Easter Traditions For the Family

Gospel-Centered Easter Traditions For the Family

  I love the whimsy and magic of Easter. I like hiding Easter baskets, picking out new dresses, and gathering a gaggle of kids for a good old egg hunt. But as fun as these traditions are, they pale in comparison to rich traditions that bring to life the Gospel. As a mom, I treasure

Celebrating Christmas With Your Senses

The five senses. There is something so powerful about them. As an example, isn’t it amazing how one single smell or sound can trigger a sequence of events in an instant? One whiff of a pungent musky scent can transport you back to your grandmother’s warm lap; visualizing her green velvet sofa and the stack

Traditions of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come

I have many memories of childhood Christmases. I remember the most the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. Each year, the same decorations hung on the walls and the windows of our home, while classic carol melodies played and the scent of smoke from the Lionel train filled the air. I remember looking forward to the