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Women Can Change the World

Women Can Change the World

I love so many things about moms coming together, and in addition to the benefits to us as women and to our families, we also can move mountains, break chains, and shine a light that radiates through our dark, dark world. Here are some ideas for your next group date that are fun for you

children do good

13 Ways Kids Can Do Good

My very best friend is paranoid that her children will grow up to be spoiled, entitled adults. I think all parents worry about this to some degree (especially in America), but being spoiled and entitled is not a foregone conclusion. I think I may have mentioned modeling good behavior in every blog post I’ve ever written,

National Philanthropy Day: The Power of Volunteering

As someone who works in the non-profit arena and volunteers for a living, I love that we have National Philanthropy Day today, November 15. This is a whole day set aside to say thank you to those who volunteer, give, and advocate for others. To do something without an expectation of return is a powerful