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Getting Past Our Past Pain | Fierce Faith by Alli Worthington

Living with Power and Weakness

Living with Power and Weakness

Living with Power and Weakness It’s part of our nature as image bearers that each of us is given a certain amount of power. The way we relate to power, both in ourselves and in those around us, has profound effects on our witness and on our souls. At a minimum, each of us has

Power in Weakness

  Several years ago, I (Jamin) had the joy of vacationing in Greece. The drive from Athens to Corinth took about an hour. The drive is so beautiful you almost forget about your destination. The brilliant blue water of the Aegean Sea is visible nearly the entire way. The city of Corinth is strategically positioned

Come to Me in Your Weakness

Come to Me when you are weak and weary. Rest snugly in My everlasting arms. I do not despise your weakness, My child. Actually, it draws Me closer to you, because weakness stirs up My compassion—My yearning to help. Accept yourself in your weariness, knowing that I understand how difficult your journey has been. Do not compare yourself with others,who seem to skip