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Top 5 Children’s Books with a Lesson

Top 5 Children’s Books with a Lesson

We need to get back to the basics. When it comes to spending time with our kids, it seems that no matter what technology emerges, parents always find their way back to what is tried and true: playing, creating, and reading. But, with time being of the essence more now than ever, it sure is nice

Positive Parenting

Be a Positive Parent! Easy Positive Parenting Tips

What exactly is positive parenting? Is it some unattainable ideal? An urban legend? Something to aspire to, yet never achieve? In its essence, positive parenting simply means guiding our kids down the right path in a positive, gentle, and  loving way. Does that mean failing to discipline our children? Absolutely not! Instead, it challenges us

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The 5 Most Important Lessons I’ve Taught My Kids from the Bible

Let’s face it, sifting through what’s truly important in life is not an easy task. As Christians, obviously we want our kids to grow up to not only believe in God, but to truly know Him and make their faith their own. But as a parent, how do you hone in on the most important